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Our arena has been specifically designed to cope with the conditions of touring and surviving the rigours of robotic combat. The entire rig and stage are completely modular to allow any combination and size to suit any venue. The stage is constructed from 24 separate floor panels with 2 layers of wood. Its unique brick work style construction means there are no weak joints and with each panel being the same it can be constructed in any order. 

The arena walls are built from steel box section and 5mm steel plate to contain even the most powerful robots.

The stage is surrounded by 6mm polycarbonate sheeting which gives the audience a clear view into the arena but most importantly provides complete safety from flying debris and robots. The polycarbonate sheeting is suspended by a 10 x 12 meter self-climbing ground support truss system with a maximum trim height of 4 meters.



The arena has been designed and built to be completely modular giving us the option for rental opportunities for any size of venue. As well as the arena, Robots Live also supply all lighting, sound and special effects equipment for each event to ensure a truly unmissable action-packed event.

 The Pit: The pit will drop half way into a fight, or when a robot hits the pit release button. The dreaded pit is one of the best ways to end a fight early.


The Flipper: The arena flipper has now been upgraded. Now running at 1000 PSI, robots of all weight classes will be launched across the arena! 





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